Kuala Lumpur made a real nice first impression

I wanted to use the first part of the day for ending my photo camera quest. The technician at the Nikon shop tested the camera and told me it was the LCD screen that was broken, where i hoped it would be the connection between the camera and the screen. As it would take 2 weeks to repair, I made the decision to buy a new camera. And because one always has to try to improve, i wanted a water- and shockproof camera this time. Fujifilm XP60. Better (and bigger and heavier) than the one that I had bought one month ago to do this trip. Lets hope it also lasts longer.

The remaining time i did some Internet research about Malaysia. And then it was time to go. The tuktuk brought me to the airport, where I could even get the VAT (tax) from the camera back.

The first time in an AirAsia jet! The space is extremely small, I’d even dare to say they beat Ryanair at that point. Stieg Larsson accompanied me, and when my eyes got tired I took a big nap and next thing I know we arrived in KL.
The guesthouse I booked had written a very clear “how to get there”, really, you couldn’t miss it. But how I was surprised that the airport was 1.15 hours away from KL city! Luckily I had two nice chats on the bus. One Turkish guy that was amusing, they just missed their plane and went back to the city. And one guy from Philipines, who showed me great pictures from there and tried his best to convince me his country was worth a visit. I nearly booked a direct ticket KL – Manila 😉 It’s a possibility to go there somewhere in March/April, on my way back. Maybe.

Finally arrived at the guesthouse, it was already close to midnight, where the host showed me KL’s points of interests and the “how to get there for how much”‘s. I also asked for a good place to eat somewhere closeby, because i was starving since my last meal was almost 8 hours ago. After getting installed I went for late night dinner. Only 2 streets away. You’ll never guess what happened next! I just finished my dinner when some backpacker walked in. What’s so special about that is that he had climbing shoes attached to his backpack! My chance! He told me he was going to climb with some friends the next day in Batu Caves. I could join them, they were heading there early in the morning, 8am. Yeey!

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