Climbing in Batu Caves, KL

An early morning and a short night later I woke up at 7.30. At least that’s what I thought. I was surprised two other people in my room were already awake. I had to search for metro and the train and I experienced that not everybody in KL is friendly. The one I asked for directions to the metro, had better stayed in bed a while longer. When I arrived at the metro station that I realized it was already one hour later and I probably wouldn’t meet the climbers since we hadn’t exchanged contacts. But I went there anyway. Without having to rush no more…
Guess who passed by when I arrived at the Batu Caves train station? Yep! The guy from Germany, Patrick, with his brother, Philippe. Coincidences don’t exist, do they? It appeared that their friends overslept so they had had a long breakfast instead. Lucky me.
We met their friends at the rocks called the Damai Wall. They all studied and climbed together in Singapore. They were people from Norway, England, Ireland, Germany, and Singapore. Nice group of people. I did some 5c’s, 6a’s, 6b’s. Marvelous grips, interesting formations, (even a stone bridge in one route), were my part. One of us scared an owl to fly away from his hideout. Totally white the owl was. Nobody captured it on camera though…

After climbing I visited the caves together with the German brothers (the others had already left to take their bus back to Singapore) and had dinner back in KL where another coincidence was revealed: the group was going to climb in Krabi the beginning of October, the same time I am going to be there with Els! Coincidences don’t happen twice a day. And I had found people to meet/ climb with in Singapore now too. Yeey!

We didn’t find real deserts, only fruit shakes. But that couldn’t ruin my day.

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