Climbing and searching for waterfalls

Another nice day!
I was going to climb for half a day with Tomek. I decided to rent a car because my back always hurts when I’m riding a motorbike for a long time. And then I’m protected from the rain. But the main reason: then I could visit something else after climbing. With motorbike it’s all too far away. It’s really annoying that they always rent cars or bikes here with almost empty gas tank and that you have to deliver them empty too. I don’t like the feeling of emptiness 🙂
So I climbed three more nice routes. 5c, 6a lead and 6b top rope. Trying to get some training for Krabi 😉 After and between climbing it started to rain again. Luckily there were some dry routes with only a little bit of overhang. We also descended into a (small) cave. Nothing special maybe, but I liked it. The experience of crawling and seeing some bats… Indiana Jones feeling again, after Angkor Wat.
When Tomek left I went to see two waterfalls. Maekampong and Tab sa dee. Passing a river I bathed quickly to wash my sweat away. People were different here then in the city. Not really used to tourists I guess wondering what I’m doing there, a western person coming so far just to see that waterfall? What’s so interesting about that? Anyway, approaching the waterfalls I was getting more and more surrounded by rainforest, with little villages suddenly appearing out of nothing. Young villagers showing me the way. If not, I would never have found the second one. Though there was a language barrier. One was trying to explain something pointing at the sky and then to the ground… I bet he’s NOT good at the game “hints”… The waterfalls were quite big. Altogether I had a good day.

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