Climbing at crazy horse buttress – San kamphaeng

Climbing day!
Laura also wanted to join!

Laura and me went to a motorbike rental shop in the morning. Thai-like style the first shop owner wanted to charge us double. Ellen-like style the deal was off. At the second one we got a really good new powerful pink decent motorbike for half the price. I asked the lady how much fuel i needed to get there and back (bikes are always supplied empty) and fueled the motorbike a little more, just to be sure.
Then we met up at the climbing hall with the others (Angus, Patrick) and drove the one hour drive to crazy horse buttress. The road was sometimes new, sometimes old, and I had to keep my focus to drive safely in that mad country. Fuel level was diminishing fast and by the time Angus showed where exactly you could see that horse head in the rocks (we were close) the fuel level was so far in the red zone that i wasn’t sure we could make it there, not to say how to get back in the evening… I asked Angus if there was a gas station in the neighborhood and he said no… “Oh well”, I thought, “problems for later”
We made it to the rocks, where Tomek was already waiting, and after he was affirmative that there was a gas station 2km further up the road, we said hi. He was going to be my climbing partner. And Laura’s too of course. He took us to a cave where we did some routes, and later to another place where we climbed some more. He was a very nice guy. Originally from Poland but he’s been living here for some years now with his Thai wife and their baby. He was so friendly, open, relaxed, patient, enjoying the moment, I really liked him. I hope that maybe on Friday I can join him for caving, his other hobby.

The drive back started with some minor worries (coughing). The first part of the road was a downhill dirt road so we would get to the asphalt road easily. And the worst thing happened: the engine fell out. I really wasn’t keen on pushing the bike for two kms… But miraculously, the motor started again after a few attempts. So we got to the gas station without having to push. Hooray! Still… I had to maintain focused because we had to drive in the dark in that mad country and because there were a lot of bugs who wanted to commit suicide by flying right into my eyes. Thank -whoever- for arriving home safely!

Another satisfying day. May there be many more.

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