Familiar faces

How I enjoy to see some familiar faces! Even though I haven’t been traveling for long (looking at what lies ahead of me) it gives me such a good feeling…

I met Sarah and her family yesterday afternoon. We went out for a good diner, walked the neighborhood, had some river views and saw Thai guys breakdancing in a park. Those guys were really good! They had a whole choreography set up. Another surprise for us! The plan is to see the main palaces and temples in Bangkok tomorrow and arrange a boat trip on the Venice-like “canals”. (A little imagination will probably be welcome)

Before that, I met my cousin, who I have met only 2 times in the past. He showed me around another neighborhood, took me on a boat-bus navigating the river, gave me some ideas of what I could do and visit in Bangkok and Thailand, and treated me on a fabulous lunch. Oh, and another thing: he showed me the best bars to hang out in Bangkok, for when Els is coming to visit.

Oh! While typing this, the monsoon shows itself! A massive amount of rain pouring down. Suddenly. Happy to be inside in my room, haha. This room is by the way really good value. Penpark Place. I must say its the first time I pay “so much” for a place to sleep, so I cannot compare, really. But I like it.

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