Bus to Bangkok and Chinatown

Sleeperbus… Yeah right… Wen I bought the bus ticket I had asked the lady behind the desk if it were beds for sure, not seats but beds. She confirmed three times… Two days later I arrive at the bus station at night. What do you think? Seats! 😦 And, we have to walk across the border. And, after the border it was a minivan to Bangkok even, which is very uncomfortable. And, we arrived 4 hours later than was told. Welcome to Thailand? The Scambodia side showing itself?? Anyway, much more than sleeping I didn’t do that first day in Bangkok.

Second day in Bangkok was really nice. Walking through Chinatown. So many things you don’t really need but still want to buy… AWESOME!!! And, they don’t even try to sell things you don’t need, they just leave you alone and let you take a look at their stuff. Amazing.

I thought Bangkok wouldn’t have that amount of many food stalls like Cambodia. I expected it to be more western-like, but it isn’t. There is a hugh difference visible between rich and poor though. And the prices are almost the same as in Cambodia. Slightly higher maybe. The streets look different, all are paved and a most of them are a little cleaner.

Today I will meet my cousin and Sarah and her family. I really look forward to see some familiar faces!!

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