A day of good decisions

(…after a difficult hour)


Inspired by Norah Jones’ “sunrise”‘, a song Jane and I both liked, we decided to go watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. (And I must admit, travel guides were never far to support Norah) As yesterday it started to rain at 4 in the morning, we took another chance today. Better luck this time it seems. The city still in darkness I arranged a motorbike. It was only the third person I negotiated with, who wanted to bring us there for what I wanted to pay. I can be very persistent sometimes… If I have the energy. So we picked up Jane at her hostel and a few moments later we were making photos of a colorful sky above Angkor Wat, reflected in the lake with Lotus flowers. (Amongst a hundred other tourists… I can’t imagine they were all inspired by Norah Jones though)
With the sun on my side of the sky again we visited Angkor’s main temple. There we split up. Jane left earlier with the motorbike to visit a school and a friend, I was going to continue my visit to Angkor’s main temple. I had to play another trick to get into the highest level. Your shoulders have to be covered, which was no problem, that was where I brought my scarf for. But the only thing was, covering it with a scarf was not good enough. So I couldn’t enter. I really couldn’t, I tried three times playing every time another trick 🙂 And then I got this bright idea, which is actually quite simple, just ask someone else to borrow their sweater! Yeej! The kind Malaysian people helped me out. And after a little chat they confirmed my plans not to go through Malaysia following the west coast, but to follow the east coast when I’m off to Singapore. I’m getting more and more convinced that every meeting has its purpose while traveling… Paolo Coelho said that before.
After my visit I had a difficult moment. I had a plan, I wanted to go to Kbal Spean, but I couldn’t find the energy that moment to continue. Not alone. So took a rest on some of Angkor’s stones. That didn’t last long before people started to come and ask if I wanted a tuktuk or something else. I changed my resting place for two times, and when I was at ease I tried to figure out what it was I wanted. And then to collect the energy I needed to get what I wanted.

As time passed, the balance started tipping over and somewhat later I was on a motorbike on my way to Kbal Spean. The best decision of … I don’t know. Of the day for the least 🙂 The (short) jungle trek was really nice and the river plus waterfall in the end were… Heaven! And bright water!! (hard to find in Cambodia, all water is usually muddy-brown) Of course I dipped in the water. With all my clothes on in order not to shock the locals (culturally). I even went through the waterfall. The local kids were also playing in the water so I knew it was OK. But no other tourist did it. Their bad.

My batteries fully recharged. Me happy.
Back to the hostel.
All is good.
Off to Bangkok tonight.

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