A day of “bad” decisions

With what was left of the motorbike rental time and the (plenty of) gas, I decided not to skip Bokor mountain. So off I went. Started out nice and smooth. Warm weather, sunny even, bought some water, bought the entrance ticket, enjoyed to ride in the hills by motorbike, stopped from time to time to take a picture of the landscape… All good.
Then, it seemed it was going to rain later on. You could tell from looking at the sky. I doubted 2 seconds whether to continue or not, because it was getting colder also and I realized I forgot my jacket and raincoat, and the gas was diminishing (?) fast. But, now that I came that far already. I continued driving up the hill.
Where everywhere in Cambodia there are people by the side of the road, selling food or gas, what’ya think? Not here of course… I started to worry if I could reach the top. It was much further than I thought. I told myself to make better preparations next time. Although I had been reading about it quite a lot…
Anyway, finally I reached a shop, they sold gas (at inflated prices, I would do the same) so one worry less. But the rain got harder and harder, temperature lower and lower. I only had my scarf to cover myself. It wasn’t much fun anymore and i was thinking of going back. When I saw a little house, more like a ruin, I sheltered for a while because the rain guttered down and had become hail that really hurted.
Again I decided to return because I couldn’t see why I did this anymore. But as I was going to my bike the rain appeared to have become a little less heavy. Ellen changed her mind again and continued. I was already soaken wet and cold anyway. This happened two or three more times until I told myself to show some character and reach that damn stupid mountaintop. And a damn stupid mountaintop it was.
I returned to Kampot thinking that this was the first “bad” experience. In English and in Dutch. At least I can say that I know what monsoon is.

The market in Kampot was the one thing I could do with the bike time that was left. Another warm waffle was welcome 🙂

Back at Bodhi Villa I didn’t want to do anything anymore. Relaxing, chilling, talking, drawing,…

Had two more talks, with Australian people this time. Greg was the second one. Had the age of my parents and was looking for a house there. Three months already. Got some good tips from him for Australia. He’s the second person telling me that for climbing I really need to go to the Blue mountains, near Sydney. Maybe another change of plans coming up…?

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2 Responses to A day of “bad” decisions

  1. Peter Moens says:

    Wat maakt het uit dat er daarboven niets te zien was, je bent er geraakt, dat is wat telt, en daar mag je gerust fier op zijn, ik in elk geval wel!

  2. Joke monserez says:

    Blue mountains …. Thats where i had Some Great climbing days with Ian and Some friends and were we saw plenty of kangoroos. XXX

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