Bodhi Villa and Kampot’s surroundings

Woke up pretty late. Started with a dip in the river, on a surfboard peddling through the water. Then I decided to leave my bungalow. Because I don’t really need a whole bungalow for myself. I went to the neighbors, Bodhi Villa, which was a good suggestion, Willi… So… no bungalow anymore, I changed it for a balcony. Also very nice. And there are more people here.

Then, today I rented a motorbike to explore the surroundings. I did some caving and went to a secret lake, lead by a Cambodian 19y old English speaking boy. By the lake we chilled a bit in the hammocks, while enjoying the typical noodles with sugar cane sirop. He showed me his martial arts training club, I dropped him at his house and on the road back home I enjoyed another nice sunset.

And of course… Couldn’t drive by the waffles without pulling over… Mmm… And for the sake of my health I also bought a piece of pineapple.And guess who I saw this evening in the bar again? The Austrian couple! So we exchanged our stories of today, and many more. Nice people…

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One Response to Bodhi Villa and Kampot’s surroundings

  1. Goed om weten dat ze toch nog bestaan. 🙂 Memoriiiieeesss!!!

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