The first day

The first day and already some things to share:
– I slept in the airplane pretty good.
– I arrived in Phnom Penh safely, but my luggage hasn’t… It should arrive tomorrow morning. Lets see…
– Directly when exiting the airport you can buy a Cambodian SIM card with cellular Internet possibilities, something where Belgium can learn from?
– The tuktuk to the city should cost 5$ and I arranged it for 3$! Winner!
– The other couch surfers I was going to meet are nice. Pa Chyin and Lukas from Malaysia. Their friend, Sofy, lives here and is willing to take us around.
– The central market is an Art Deco building
– I only had a little bit of rain, but haven’t felt monsoon yet.
– Pol Pot. Das een ander soort Polleken… The communist nazi… (Tuol Sleng museum bezocht, het Breendonk van Phnom Penh)
– I felt tired since 14h today but survived the jet lag. Now, 21h, sleepy and surrendering…

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2 Responses to The first day

  1. Onze Jonas al gezien? 🙂

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